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Game - Getting to know you (& God) - This game includes instructions and a printable sheet of questions to play the game and can be used whether at home, in Sunday School, Children's Church or an after school club.


The game gets participants to get to know one another better by both asking them questions and by making observations about their partner.  This can be made competitive with a time limit, or active by introducing movement.  The game can be used just for fun, as an ice breaker or to start a discussion about how we get to know God.


The file can be downloaded as a pdf.   Some images are in colour, but the file has been designed to work well printed in black and white if prefered.  The file is 2 A4 page.


This product is available for free, you may print it and use for personal, church, school, homeschool and even commercial use.  However, please don't share the file with others - share a link instead - and please don't resell.


FREE Games - Getting to know you (and God)

  • If you select this digital product you will receive a link to download it in the thank you page of the checkout.  You will also receive an email with the same link that will last for 30 days.

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