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If you have any issues printing this product please email, I have a second version that seems to work better on some printers, just drop me an email and I'd be delighted to send it to you.


Advent Activity Pack - This activity pack contains 24 days of activities, acts of kindness, colouring and puzzles as well as craft and game ideas.  The idea is that it can be given away to families as part of Advent and help them to remember that Christmas is all about Jesus, the pack is designed so that it is suitable for both Christian and non-Christian families.  The pack can be given away on it's own as a printed booklet or you could add the materials needed to complete the crafts and games to make it a more complete gift.  Instructions and ideas of what to add to the pack are included at the front of the file.


Specifically the pack includes:

8 days with suggested acts of kindness

4 days with a QR code linking to cartoon Christmas Bible stories produced by Saddleback Kids and available on YouTube

4 Colouring sheets based on the four 'parts' of the Christmas story (Mary & an angel, Jesus is born, Shepherds hear the Good News, the Wise Men follow a star)

4 days with craft activities that link to the Christmas story

4 days with challenge activities

4 days with games that link to the Christmas story

3 additional puzzles (I spy, wordsearch and maze)

1 page with instructions and ideas about how to make the pack a gift


This is the double sided file and can be folded to create a booklet, a single sided pack is also available and can be found under 'Christmas' -


The file can be downloaded as a pdf.   Some images are in colour, but the file has been designed to work well printed in black and white if prefered.  The file is 13 A4 pages long.


This product is available for free, you may print it and use for personal, church, school, homeschool and even commercial use.  However, please don't share the file with others - share a link instead - and please don't resell.

FREE Giveaway Advent Pack (Double Sided)

  • If you select this digital product you will receive a link to download it in the thank you page of the checkout.  You will also receive an email with the same link that will last for 30 days.

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