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Object Lesson: Jesus is revealed - This object lesson reveals the name 'Jesus' in an optical illusion, when just the shapes are shown on a blank piece of paper it is very hard to see anything, but when coloured in or coloured card shapes are added then the name 'Jesus' becomes visible in the gaps between the shapes.  This object lesson can be used with any story that highlights who Jesus is as God's chosen King or Messiah - such as the road to Emmaus or any story of a miracle. 


This object lesson also works as a craft for children to complete for themselves and try out as an illusion on others (separate resource available if required -  This object lesson can be done at home, in Children's church or Sunday School or as part of a family service.


The pack includes instructions and all templates required to complete the object lesson.


The file can be downloaded as a pdf.   Some images are in colour, but the file has been designed to work well printed in black and white if prefered.  The file is 2 A4 page.


This product is available for free, you may print it and use for personal, church, school, homeschool and even commercial use.  However, please don't share the file with others - share a link instead - and please don't resell.


FREE Object Lesson: Jesus is revealed

  • If you select this digital product you will receive a link to download it in the thank you page of the checkout.  You will also receive an email with the same link that will last for 30 days.

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